Lemberg Program, 1986-1994

The Lemberg Program in International Economics and Finance was the Brandeis Economics Department’s first graduate program developed in the mid-1980s. Joe Berliner, Anne Carter, Tren Dolbear, Dick Weckstein and I played the most active roles.

Things quickly fell in place. Chancellor Abram Sachar, Brandeis’ founding president, had an office in the Sachar International Center, where our department was located, and liked the project. He introduced us to Suzanne Usdan, who provided a crucial endowment. (Suzanne’s sons John and Adam Usdan came to play critical roles on our Board of Overseers later.) Our colleague Anne Carter, then Dean of the Faculty, and President Evelyn Handler formally established the program in 1986.

We then recruited twelve very bright and adventurous students who became the Lemberg Program’s first graduates in 1989. The Lemberg Program is now housed in the Brandeis International Business School and remains the school’s flagship program.



The ad below captures the context. It appeared in major US newspapers in 1999 and identified 1989 as the year when the global economy was born. The underlying changes were the central factor motivating our 1985 proposals.

First notices in the Brandeis Reporter

The original Lemberg Program proposal, click for full text

Lemberg Program Catalogs
Travel back in time: click below to see our students, faculty, staff, Board of Overseers, courses and international partner schools. (And perhaps find an incredibly handsome picture of yourself.)

Click to see 1987-88 catalog
Click to see 1993-94 catalog

Is this all there is? Course structure in 1987-88

Click on Waltham Tribune story on LINC, our super-entrepreneurial Consulting Group

The Boston Globe discovers the Lemberg Program

Lemberg Program Flier 1991
(less sophisticated early marketing flier)

Director’s Reports (comprehensive reports on the progress of our programs)
Fall 1992 (includes proposal for establishing GSIEF)
Spring 1994 (lots of statistics)

Lemberger (wonderful, though short-lived, student newsletter)
Summer 1990 (good recipe for gulasch; recommends staying “forever young”)
Summer 1991 (professors’ famous sayings; racy account of Lemberg social life)
Fall 1991 (accounts of parties; full text of the famous “Finance Dance”)
Fall 1992 (more cooking, more hiking, Halloween!)


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